Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alex Rodriguez Is A Cheater - In Win Over Toronto Blue Jays

Remember in the American League Series when Alex Rodriguez slapped the the glove of the man covering first? The ball dropped; and the New York Yankees went on to lose the series.


According to the Baseball Gods; you can steal bases, you can throw junk pitches, you can even slide hard - but, Alex Rodriguez, you can't knock the ball out of the other guys glove hoping the umpire doesn't see it.

That's cheating.

Tonight at Rogers Centre with a Blue Full Moon
overhead (, Howie Clark is camped under a easy pop-up to end the eighth, in a one run game. Alex Rodriguez is sauntering by, on his way to third - going through the motions. Howie Clark knows shortstop John McDonald is right behind him - and he knows it's the shortstops ball if he calls it.

All of a sudden Clark dives out of the way, the ball drops, a run scores...

Then John McDonald goes ballistic on Alex Rodriguez who's now standing on third.

You don't do that in baseball - because two players running to a high struck ball, blind with their eyes on the ball, are in a MOST perilous position. A system of protocols is in place, on every play, so that nobody is injured in a collision.

So... no one on the field of play crosses that line; you don't trick the other guy by saying 'I got it' as you run by - it’s DANGEROUS.

That's cheating - twice.

Alex Rodriguez Is A Cheater.


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