Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 3 LiveBlog @ Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs

Here we are, 'virtually' in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia and actually in Toronto. This LiveBlog is a new idea to me; I write down as it's happening, in real time my observations, analysis, opinions and - if they're good - re quotes from the Fox Sports announcers. When I complete an idea and there's a break in the action I record the time and push the 'Publish Post' button in Blogger.


Rain Delay?!

I don't listen to the pre-game babble so I've just noticed a bug in the corner of the screen that says, "Rain Delay".

I'm going to the University of Wisconsin s Satellite weather data portal to see how long this might last...


The weather map said no game; but you don't need a weather map to see there's a Game On!

Wo-who baseball!

Yankees 1,2,3 in the top of the first.


Andy Petite is pitching.

Off the glove! A-Rod to his right - exactly (opposite side) as the game 2, 2nd inning hit/error. Ruled a base hit - but off the glove?? - come on - E-5 in this universe.


Announcers saying Andy Petite balks a lot. With a runner on first if you look like your coming to the plate but instead throws to first its a 'balk', the runner gets a free pass to second. But MLB ain't calling it apparently Petite is too big a star to have to play with-in the rules.

Rollins just stole on him anyway.


On calling the a balk I've heard an umpire say that if the pitchers front foot comes down on the plate-side of an imaginary line between the rubber and the first base bag then it's a balk. Petites foot ALWAYS comes down to the plate side of that line when he throws to the bag. hmmm...


Petite on his 20th pitch + the throw-overs. 21st pich is a strike end of the first inning. 0 R's, 1 - LOB.


Ooops, Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels walked A-Rod leading off the 2nd.

FC out at second, one out, Posada at first. Slick conditions or it's a double play.

Cano K swinging.

Pop 9

0 - 0 middle of the second.

Was thinking I could score the game but that would be boring, less detail More.


What the f*ck is a Sports Hernia?? You either have a hernia or you don't.

Jason Worth homie to left centre. 0 - 1.


Mere mortals guts spill out of their body-cavity; MLB players have "Sports Hernias".

Pedro Feliz doubles High off the wall over Nick Swisher. Thought it was gone!


Hammel bunts to the third base side, Petite gets in the way of Posada, Posada doesn't seem to take command, looks like he's trying to make a point about Petites ego. It's Posadas ball all the way because the play's at third, right in front of Posada!

Bases loaded

Next batter walks, rbi, 0 - 2.

Sac-fly deep to Damon in left - runner saunters home. 0 - 3.


Petites coming un-hinged.

Gets a K looking; out of a weird inning Yankees coming up top of the 3rd.


The 'un-hinged?' Petite is at the plate - one out, no-one on. 4 -3. 2 out.

Jeter delays getting into the batters box to make sure Petite has a chance to take off his batting gloves, relax a second; just in case Jeters first swing is an out. This guy is a consummate baseball player at any given moment he's aware of All the permutations.

Line out to right.


Petite 9 pitches 1,2,3.


...Teixeira walks with 1 out.

A-Rods in a dog house up there. Double off the wall, controversy. It seemed to hit the fence along the top of the wall. Nope - hits INSIDE the visor of the camera sticking into the field of play. Home Run. A-Rod is video re-play out of the dog house. 2 - 3.

When did video re-play come to MLB?


What's the rule?

Camera is like:

-an umpire - the ball is dead?
-the old yellow line - home run?
-a fan reaching in - dead ball?

Computer crashed.

Suffice it to say Petite batted a blooper to centre. Swisher who had hit the ball over the bag at third for a double - scores. Then another blooper to centre that gets by the centre fielder; then a Damon line drive to the wall makes it 3 - 5.


Starting pitcher Cole Hamel's out, seemed the Yankees began hitting every thing he threw up there.

Damon at second, Teixeira on fist A-Rod line drive out to centre. 2 out 2 on.

Posada at the plate, Can Mr. Clutch open this up, put it away for the Yankees here in the 5th?
I guess there wasn't enough pressure for Posada he pops to 2nd.


Shane Victorino reaches way out in front of himself and serves a ball into centre. Out. Petite's got 'em off balance.
Petite makes a good run to first and receives a lateral from Teixeira splayed out to stop a hit ball to his right. 2 out.
Pop to Jeter.
Petite 11 pitches 1,2,3.


Swisher up 1 out nobody on. 3 -2 pitch leaves the yard to centre! 6 - 3.

Melky Cabrera out.

Petites batting. 2 out nobody on. K swinging.


nonk9 is on board welcome.

Jason Worth over the fence and Through the second deck facade! 6 - 4.


Ibanez out.

Feliz swung but Posada didn't ask for an appeal... ..3-2 count now. Slider DOWN and IN swinging K Posada tags him for the out. 2 down.

C, Ruiz up

100 pitches for Petite.

Ruiz walks pitching coach out.


Bruntlett at the plate. Pops to Nick in right.

Top of the 7th coming up.


Jeter out to right.
Started Raining - pretty hard right now.
Perhaps the pitcher can't get a grip, walks Johnny Damon. 4 - 0.


Teixeira up, one on one out.
Damon steals second on the Teixeira K 2 - 6, bang - bang. Good call.
A-Rod up 2 out runner on second. A-Rod hit by pitch!
Is it close enough that Posada can be Mr. Clutch this time?

.328 with runners in scoring position this year. Love this guy.

Rain seems to have slowed.

Blooper to left! Base hit, Damon scores runners at 2nd and 1st.

Mr Clutch.


Yankees 8 - Phillies 4 :(

Cano out looking.
Bottom of 7 coming up after I turn down the volume for the song.


Rollins out to Johnny in shallow left-centre, right in front of an acquiescing Cabrera.

Hopper to 4 - 3, 2 out.

Utley out to deep right- centre field.


All my November s Pete Rose once said, or was it October... ?

Hey did I say it was 8-4 earlier? I mistyped - but that's all fixed because Godzilla just hit a line drive homer to left.


Yankees 8 Phillies 4

Godzilla pinch hitting in the ninth spot.

Jeter out.


Raining a little more now
Swisher out Melky Cabrera moves to right field, new centre-fielder for the Yanks.

Phillies 8th: 1 out

Jason Worth at the plate. Called strike three.

Temp down to 50 Fahrenheit harder on the batters than pitchers.


Line drive to A-Rod.


Yankees 9th: Damon, Teixeira, A-Rod up. Madson pitching.

Damon 6-3 1 out.

Teixeira broken bat pop to centre. 2 out.

Some thoughts by the announcers on the homie that hit the camera in play.

I think the umps assumed the camera was NOT in play, thus HR. They got it wrong even with video re-play.

A-Rod walks, Posada up.

Fly out to left centre, easy play.

4 runs or bust for the Phillies.


Rivera not pitching!

Filez, 5-3, 1 out.

Ruiz up, second pitch he sees will never be seen again. Gone! to centre field.
Here comes Rivera.

8 - 5.

Matt Stairs "The Middle Aged Canadian" is coming in to pinch hit.


SLOW roller to second - but Stairs is slower, 2 out.

Broken Bat pop to A-Rod and game over.

Yankees 8 8 1
Phillies 5 6 0

3:25 minutes.



  1. thank you - i stopped paying my satellite bills and i watched the first two innings (LOVED that bunt by Hamels - HATE the yankee pitcher) - thanks for the updates. sorry to hear Hamels is out. He's a pro, Petite is a $*#*$*$%!!!

  2. Hey! cool you've found my LiveBlogging Welcome!

    Michael Holloway

  3. werth homers to make it 6-4.

    i LOVE that werth guy - he is werth whatever they pay him!

  4. hee hee.
    must remember to go back and Capitalise that...

  5. not looking good for the phillies. but thanks for the play by play anyway.

  6. Your Welcome.

    Never say never, the most exciting plays in a game happen in the ninth!