Monday, November 2, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 5 LiveBlog Starts at < 8:00 EST - Right Here

Probable Starting Pitchers:
New York, A.J. Burnett
Philadelphia, C. Lee
First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

I'm planning to LiveBlog Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 5, Monday, November 2, 2009 here at Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs.

Those who came by for Game 4 I'm sorry about not posting in the 3rd 4th and 5th - I had family responsibilities. Tomorrow nights game will be LiveBlog from the first pitch to the last out.

Also I'm going to try and post starting line-ups for both teams - to make it easier to follow along. As well I'm going bold up the inning markers and high-light changes in the score to give this LiveBlog a 'game-at-a-glance' look.


Probable Starting Pitchers:
New York, A.J. Burnett
Philadelphia, C. Lee
First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

Probable Starting line-ups
2009 World Series - Game 5
November 2, 2009
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

Oh my god, it's a full moon.

This is going to be a wild game!

Photo credit:, through their facebook application.

This is an actual photograph of the moon tonight, from NASA.

Starting line-ups:(update 7:59)

New York Yankees

D Jeter SS
J Damon LF
M Teixeira 1B
A Rodriguez 3B
N Swisher RF
R Cano 2B
B Gardner CF
J. Molina C
A.J. Burnett P 2+ innings, 2.0 IP 6 runs

@ Philadelphia Phillies

J Rollins SS
S Victorino CF
C Utley 2B
R Howard 1B
J Werth RF
R Ibanez LF
P Feliz 3B
C Ruiz C
C. Lee P

Top of the 1st

Jeter out 4-3.
Damon base hit to right.
Teixeira fly out to right.
Rodriguez double to the right field corner, Damons scores. RBI
Swisher walks runners on 2nd & 1st.
Cano slices the ball to left for the third out.

Yankees 1
Phillies 0

Bottom of the 1st

Due up:
J Rollins lines the ball up the middle right back from whence it came, base hit. Stealing...
S Victorino shows bunt. Is hit by the first pitch!! with Rollins running. Runners on 2nd and 1st.
Purpose pitch for sure.
C Utley sends one out of the park to straight away right. 2 RBI 3 runs score.
R Howard, BB Pitching coach out to settle Burnett.
J Werth Molina lets one get away Werth waves the runner, doesn't go.
Werth strikes out.
1 out.
R Ibanez one bounce scorcer to 1st Teixeira throws to Jeter but Burnett is standing watching and doesn't get to the bag in time to get the return throw.
FC runners at 3rd and 1st. 2 out.
P Feliz slow grounder to Jeter who throws him out 6-3.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Top of the 2nd

Due up:
B Gardner
J. Molina
A.J. Burnett

B Gardner is FAST! grounds to 1st 3-UA but Gardner almost beats him to the bag!
1 out.
J. Molina strokes one to Feliz who plants and throws,
2 out.
A.J. Burnett K looking(funny).

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Bottom of the 2nd

Due up:
8. C Ruiz C
9. C. Lee P
1, J Rollins SS

Ruiz 3-1 pitch, he takes it?? (right down the middle slow?) 3-2 pitch, Strike 3. hmm.
Lee first pitch slow grounder 3-UA.
2 out.
Rollins 3-1 pitch, BB
1 on, 2 out.
Rollins had a big lead on Victorinos' pop up pitch to SS.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Top of the 3rd

Top of the order due up.
Jeter 5-3
1 out.
Damon BB
1 out, 1 on.
Teixeira 1-2 strike pitch, FC 5-4.
2 out, 1 on.
Rodriguez HIGH fly to right centre,
3 out 1 LOB.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Bottom of the 3rd

Due up:
R Howard
J Werth

Utley BB steals 2nd.
Howard 1-1 pitch misses. another miss, now 3-2 pitch misses. BB
Runners on 2nd and 1st. no outs.
Werth base hit up the middle ball is cut at the mound run score runners at 2nd and 1st no outs.
Ibenez stokes one to right Howard scores Werth to 3rd.
No outs. 2 runs are in, runners on 3rd and 1st.
Burnetts' night is over.
Feliz pops half way down the first base line caught fair, one out.
Ruiz FC 6-4-3 Ruiz beats the relay. Werth scores.
1 on, 2 out.
Lee, base hit to right. Runners 2nd and 1st.
Rollins K looking at an off speed pitch right down the middle.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Top of the 4th

Due up:
N Swisher
R Cano
B Gardner

Swisher line drive out.
Cano gound out.
Gardner 6-3, Ump didn't like the way Howard stretched off the bag to meet the throw in my opinion.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 4th

S Victorino 4-3
C Utley 6-3
R Howard 2-2 pitch coming up. K
J Werth on deck.
Robertson pitching for the Yankees (sorry).
Howard, K swinging.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Top of the 5th

Due up:
J. Molina nope Posada pinch hitting and in at catcher.
D Robertson ?

Posada 4-3
Hinski batting? Hinski BB
Jeter line drive base hit to right along the line, Hinski to third.
Runners at 3rd and 1st, 1 out 2 on.
Damon in the box. Bouncer to Howard, he looks like he just woke up doesn't look Hinski back at 3rd, he scores. Howard steps on the bag and then fakes a throw to 2nd the finnaly looks at thrid but the bag is empty. hmm.
Teixeira grounds out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 5th

Due up:
R Ibanez
P Feliz

Werth Gardner doesn't know where the wall is as he goes into the jut-out in left centre - and he lunges at the last minute and Hits the wall HARD. Wind knocked out of him it looks like. FO-8.
1 out.
Ibanez 3-UA
Filex line drive out.

8 pitches for #91 who is that?

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Top of the 6th

Yankee pitcher is Alfredo Aceves, I think. (Google search.)

A Rodriguez out to Werth in right.
Lees' given up only 3 Hits so far...
N Swisher at the plate. A deep drive to left centre field.
2 outs.
R Cano settles in and slices the second pitch he sees to centre for a base hit. The ball had so much spin on it Victorino has to be real careful getting in front of it.
1 on, 2 outs.
Gardner K looking on a sweet pitch.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 6th

Due up:
8. Ruiz
9. Lee
1. Rollins

Confirmed that it's Yankee pitcher Alfredo Aceves

Ruiz flys to Nick in right, 1 out.
Lee batting for himself... nice swing on a foul to the left side. Lee is out, K swinging.
Rollins is ready. 4th at-bat already - point out the Fox announcers. Rollins slices the ball just out of the reach of Cano diving to his right.
Victorino to take his chances. Ball skips to the back stop scored a wild pitch Rollins to 2nd. Victorino is out a bang bang play at first, real close, he's out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Top of the 7th

Due up:
H Posada C
A Aceves P Jerry Hairston Jr to pinch hit
D Jeter SS

Posada wanted a time out (twice) but the ump wouldn't give it to him strike strike and painteed strike three!
1 out.
Hairston: Pop to shallow centre.
2 out.
Jeters' turn...The 0-1 is Lees' 100th pitch, next one is a ball, 1-1. Broken bat pop to 2nd.

I'm playing something by the foo fighters..

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 7th

Foo Fighters - Times Like These played the whole song with the commercial break and all!

Now pitching for the Yankees left-hander # 48...Phil Coke. (Google search)

Chase Utley powers one over the centre field wall
Howard to the dish... he offers just over half way and that means he is out 12K's in WS.
Werth will give it a try. Well hit to that Jag in centre, not that deep out.
2 outs.
Ibanez...GONE and you knew it RIGHT away - off the second deck advertisement for those American made cars...

Now welcoming Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes to the A.J. Burnett show...

Feliz strikes out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 8

Top of the 8th

Due up:

Ben Fransisco (sorry) in to play CF for Victorino who looks like he's got a broken index finger on jis throwing hand. Injured in an at bat in the 3rd I think.

Damon a several hopper to Rollins but he can't come up throwing - foot work? grip? Damon is very fast but...?

Teixeira doubles to the corner in left, Damon to third.

2 on, no one is out. Did Damon just start something like he did last night with the double steal?

A-Rod a line drive to left Ibanez seems to be blinded , maybe the ball is coming out of the lights it drops off the heel his glove and Damon and Teixeira come into score a double for A-Rod.

Now the Phillies pulling Lee, this is a mistake. The defence has to get angry. they lazing out there like sometimes you see in a no hitter, their in the head-lights!

Swisher hit the ball to the right (sic) side 4-3, moves Alex to third with 1 out.

Cano looks like a windmill in Holland on the first pitch. Pop to Fransico in centre. 2 out

CF didn't run into the ball to make the catch so A-Rod comes home pushing the envelope! The winning team seems slow and useless as they win.

Gardner pops to centre end the frame

Yankees 4
Phillies 8

Bottom of the 8th

P Hugheout M Stairs to pinch hit

Ruiz gets a seeing eye base hit up the middle.
M Stairs with a runner on. The "middle aged Canadian" hits a slow double play ball Cano who puts in the work and beats Stairs with throw to first flying through the air to do it. The Yankees are at regular speed compared to the phillies slow motion it seems. Of coarse the is the idea that I'm being subjective, seeing things I fear are happening. I've just seen the Yankees come back too many times to breath easy.

Next batter is out.

Yankees 5
Phillies 8

Top of the 9th

Myers pitching

Matsui ph

Posada hit the ball off the top of the wall, Werth miss-plays the ball but Fransico is backing him up nicely. Double for Mr. Posada.
Godzilla to the dish. Ground ball base hit to left Posada to third, taking no chances...

With the pitching change earlier and now with no lefty warming for Damon, I think the young Joe Geradi is out managing his opponent. Announcer calling the situation "a mess".

Jeter 2-1 hit into a double play 6-4-3, Posada scores. 2 out.

Damon 0-2 count fouls one off... and again...1-2 count Damon taking his time getting back in the box 2-2 count. Damon hits the ball up the middle base hit to centre!

I'm scared Teixeira up.

Damon steals 2nd uncontested.

Teixeira 1-2 pitch STRIKE 3!

Yankees 6
Phillies 8



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  2. thanks for the BEAUTIFUL red letters saying the phillies are winning! hopefully, the world series will not end with the wrong team winning on my birthday.

  3. Well then, so your birthday is November 4? Happy birthday if your not able to be here on Wednesday (I wouldn't be if it were MY birthday!) Go Phillies GO!

  4. today is my b-day and I was worried the yankees would win tonight. i am glad the phillies are still contenders!

    let's go mets, i mean, GO PHILLIES!

  5. Oh! well, happy birthday - I assume it's still November 2 out there on the west coast?

    [My blog has a stat counter - your IP address says your in Eugene Origon. You can look it up too if you want - it's in the side-bar... ..way up there--->]
    I've heard it said that the team that wins game 5 usualy goes on to win the series. Next game is Pedro vs Petite. Should be a great game even if they don't get to game 7.