Friday, April 16, 2010

Weaver out pitches Marcum and the Jays fall short

Angels 7 @ Toronto 5 Game 1

Rance Mullinix in for Pat Tabler as Rogers Sportsnet changes it up a bit, giving the television audience a different look in this the second series at Rogers Centre.

I'm doing another 'Notes' post here tonight: all the news you need to know what happened - without really knowing much about what happened at all. These are my notes on a pad next to my score card.

Note 1

Hitting in the nine spot, John McDonald comes to the plate in the 6th with one out. He gets behind on a fastball down the middle. Then an off speed pitch slicing low and way inside leaves him swinging at air.

He must be thinking --- dam I shouldn't have swung at that --- head in the game! I'm down 0-2 -- the next pitch is going to be a waste pitch. Wait, Weaver's shaking off Mathis --- Weaver must want to throw strike three -- thinks he's pretty hot, jerk! --- pay attention, who's winning this argument? 4 shake offs... . -- It's a ball away 1-2.

Now after the tet-a-tet McDonald knows the out pitch is coming - he looking for something in, and in the strike zone. And there it is! A fast ball mistake - right down the middle! John MacDonald serves a base hit into left. Jered Weaver had given up one other hit in this game - a home run by Vernon Wells in the 2nd.

Note 2

Meanwhile it's the end of the 7th, and it's 7-1. Some sloppy base running has taken some chances away from the Jays as Weaver began to show signs he might be a human being after all.

Note 3

Between innings Weaver has the ground crew fixing up the landing strip on the mound. Next thing that happens is Weaver throws a pitch that Randy Ruiz blasts over the centre field wall, 7-2. That is all --- for Weaver.

Note 4

Bulger replaces Weaver and the Jays can see him, four runs are in and Jason Bulger is OUT-a-here!

Note 5

Scott Downs is tasked to hold it at 2 runs till the Jays can get back to the bats in the ninth - which he does - but for nought.

Thanks to ESPN MLB Box Score for the stats and the image of the games box score.


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